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Love in a Place Like This 

An example of Danny's Disney/ power-ballad style, "Love in a Place Like This" is the love ballad from his award-winning stage musical "Strike!" which was adapted into the movie "Stand!".


Vocalists: Marc Devigne & Samantha Barks 


An example of Danny's pop radio style - the radio remix of the title track from Danny's #1 Canadian movie musical "Stand!". 

Vocalist: Lisa Bell

One Heart at a Time


An example of Danny's rock/musical theatre style, "One Heart at a Time" is a key track from the "Stand!" movie musical.

Vocalists: Laura Slade Wiggins & Marshall Williams

Saturday in June

Another example of Danny's emotional musical theatre side, in this example from the "Stand!" movie.

Vocalists: Gregg Henry, Marshall

Williams, Laura Slade Wiggins

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